About our designs

Flowers, because of their ephemerality, ask us to pause in an exact moment. Here we are, look at us, take this specific time to notice beauty. Vibrant for such a short time, they help us to appreciate the beauty that is around us.

Arranging flowers means seeing each stem and blossom for what it is. How does it curve or bend? How best will it shine? What does is harmonize with?

When your last name is Bloom eventually you realize flowers are part of your destiny. I love listening to flowers. But I don't just listen to the flowers, I listen to you. With 25 years in the hospitality industry, collaboration is second nature. Together we will join your vision with my knowledge to create your ideal aesthetic. From minimalist intimate dinner parties to grandiose events of a lifetime, I love customizing the arrangements that will perfectly punctuate your event.

The job of a flower is to shine on with its beauty. It is a profound honor for me to help bring this joy into your life. 

Miriam Bloom,  Floral artist

Miriam Bloom, Floral artist